What To Look For In A Stroller Before You Buy

As any parents will tell you there are certain items that will need to be purchased before the baby is born. One of the most important purchases that needs to be made of course is the stroller. But what do you look for ? Why is one stroller better than another? In this article we are going to provide some guidelines so you know exactly what to look for in a stroller to ensure that you get one that meets your particular requirements.

So Much Choice!

During the past 20 years or so the numbers of different strollers available has grown substantially. Not only are there many different brands, but also many different styles as well, with accessories, different colourways, and the obligatory cupholders, of course. Plus they also vary in price dramatically – you might be shocked at some of the price tags! – and as a result actually determining which one will really meet your needs becomes ever more challenging.

Safe, Comfortable and Right For Your Lifestyle.

However when it comes to buying a stroller or travel system (bassinet, stroller and car seat) you want to first make sure that you purchase one that isn’t only sturdy and safe but is also comfortable. Furthermore you need to make sure that the one you choose is one that can be managed easily. Finally of course you also want to choose a stroller that is going to meet your particular demands and needs the best and will suit the kind of lifestyle you lead.

So what to look for in a stroller?

The first thing to do that will help you to narrow down which stroller you choose is to consider where you live and how it is going to be used.

City Dwellers Go Lightweight.

If you are someone who lives in the city then you should go for a lightweight model so that it is easy to manage over curbs and up and down steps. Also make sure it comes with wheels that swivel as this will help to manoeuvre the stroller much easier. The high end strollers can be pushed and turned with one hand because they have such fluid movement.

Think About Your Car

For those who need a stroller that can be taken in a car look for one that allows you to fit your child’s car seat within the frame. Also make sure that it has a good size storage area underneath. Some models are huge! Make sure they’ll fit in your car when collapsed. Car seat stroller combo is good idea.

Consider Trying Before You Buy

After considering the above the next thing you should do that will help you with what to look for in a stroller is actually try out a few models you see in the store. As you do this then you should be looking for the following.
What Sort of Restraint Do You Want? Safer or More Convenient?
Look to see what form of restraint system has been installed. Ideally choose the models that come with a five-point harness as this type helps to keep your baby much more secure because of the shoulder straps. But having said that the models fitted with a three point harness are also good and it takes less time to undo.

Good Brakes Are Essential!

The next thing to do when trying out any stroller is to see how well the brake system on it works. It is important that the stroller you select is one that comes with brakes that will lock the wheels as soon as they are engaged. Plus don’t forget to make sure that the brake system on the stroller is easy to engage. Any of the high end strollers are very reliable in this regard.


However having good brakes isn’t the only thing you should be looking at when it comes to testing out any strollers you like the look of. I would also suggest you check to see how stable it is once a child is seated in it. It is important to ensure that even when you have shopping in the basket or hanging on the handles that it won’t tip over. The hotly tipped Bugaboo Buffaloo (out Autumn 2013) has been designed with this specifically in mind.

How Easy Is It To Handle?

Another feature of course that I looked for when I purchased my first stroller was to see how easy it was to handle. I looked for models that not only didn’t have problems when moving in a straight line but also could be turned easily when I only had one hand available. It is for this reason I chose a stroller that came with wheels that swivelled both at the front and back.

Your Height… One Size Does NOT Fit All

Also when it comes to what to look for in a stroller take into account how tall you are. What you need to do is look for one where the top of the handles sit at around waist height or just below. However the issue I found was that most strollers are specifically designed for an average sized woman, and being slightly taller I found that these models caused me to hunch over and my back quickly began to hurt.
As a result of this issue I had to spend a little extra going for a model that came with handlebars that could be adjusted to a height that I found more comfortable. This also proved extremely invaluable for my partner as well.

Washable Covers Are A Very Good Thing

When it comes to buying a stroller as well as looking for one that allows the seat to recline also look carefully at what material it is made from. If you can, opt for a model where the covers could be removed and then washed. From the outset accidents occur and your baby is going to make a mess, so having a cover on yours that can be removed and washed proves very useful indeed. Even one that allows you to wipe away mess without the need to remove the cover itself can prove invaluable also.

Storage… Will You Be Out Shopping Lots?

The next thing to consider when you deciding on purchasing such an item is think about how much storage space it has available. Remember during the first few months when you take your baby out you are going to have to take quite a few items with you. As well as nappies you are also going to have to take several changes of clothes and their food/bottles.

Last But Not Least… Is It Good Enough For Your Precious Cargo?

Finally, you should be looking at carefully is how the stroller has been manufactured. Something that many parents do not think about when it comes to what to look for in a stroller is are there any areas on it that could prove harmful to their child or them. So inspect carefully to see if there are any pieces protruding out or have a sharp edge.

Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stand On Tandem Stroller

With only $229.98 and a free shipping you can get from Amazon.com the most lightweight stroller around. The new Ultralight Caboose is 20% lighter than the original Caboose, only 21 pounds- this is its main advantage as every two-children-parent knows.

JoovyEasy steering and light weight offer you the possibility to maneuver it with only one hand, even if it seems so large. The front seat can be adjusted into three reclining positions for the front riding passenger. With the front seat reclined to its lowest position, the back passenger can still stand on the rear platform- this way both of your children will feel comfortable. The front seat has three positions for reclining. Your older child, the back passenger has three options: walking, standing and sitting. For your front passenger there is a universal Car Seat Adapter that snaps easily into the tray housings.

Your children’s security is ensured by the rear brakes for when the stroller is parked. Unlike other strollers or even jogger stroller, this Joovy sit and stand stroller has wheel suspension for all four of them making the walk smoother for your back seat passenger. The oversized canopy has been improved with a sun visor extension which provides shade and protection for both children.

Regarding its other features this new Caboose has a larger storage basket. The Ultralight Caboose has the Parent Organizer which turns out to be the best feature for parents. More the child tray has two cup holders for your children convenience.

After using it the Caboose Ultralight folds compactly for storage. It uses the easy trigger fold design which makes it even easier for you. As lightweight as it is you will easily lift it up and place it in the trunk.


Most of the opinions for this product are positive. Everybody who uses it is 100% pleased with the purchase. The assembly was a breeze for most parents, even for the short mothers or pregnant women.

Well made, not looking or feeling cheap this Joovy is mostly appreciated for its lightweight. But don’t think it is not solid- the fact that it is not bulky or heavy does not strictly mean that it will tilt back or your babies are in danger. Your children safety is ensured with the adjustable belts and you back passenger can also be secured with a belt when sitting down. Your baby will feel very comfortable as this stroller provides super reclining for him and the shade canopy is great; more, you can take the canopy off when indoors. The older child has plenty of room when seated on the bench while the newborn is in the car seat in the front.

You will have the feeling of pushing a single full size stroller with the convenience of holding two. Steering is a pleasure and it turns on a dime, fitting through anything.

Rooling smoothly to almost type of terrain, indoor or outdoor, you will take advantage of the soft handle grip and the ample storage space: the basket underneath which sometimes can get really hard to get to (but the sides snap open and the back seat slides for better access), the storage area for water bottles, keys or phone is perfectly sized, the side pockets for quick access to some items.

Very stylish coming in different colors, black, blue, green, orange, brown or yellow this new version of Joovy folds in a snap, and opens with one hand. As all the users confirm, is far more compact than many other strollers on the market- to make it even more compact when you fit it in your trunk you have to possibility to take off the canopy and the food tray.


Of course there are many positive aspects about this Joovy, but these ones can be easily observed. What is really important for your decision, is the downside.

The most unpleasant aspect is related to children’s comfort- which is in fact the most important thing, especially for the older one. Starting with the baby in front, users mentioned two problems: the seat does not recline enough for a nap and in some parents opinion it is not well padded. Regarding the older kid, many parents consider his position very uncomfortable especially when baby’s seat is reclined. More, when they both want to take a nap it is not possible as the older one has nothing to lean back on. There were encountered problems with his seat sliding back and forth for unknown reasons.

Regarding its functionality, you must know that some persons complained about not being able to attach the car seat with just a snap, as said in the description. The brakes for the back wheels take some effort and for the front wheels you have to lock each of them for not turning left or right.

Even if it has so many features, as mentioned in the “pros” section, some of them might be hard to take advantage of them: the storage basket is very large and useful but not easily accessible, especially when the toddler seat is in its “stand” position, the accessory attachment with cup holders is not very roomy and the cup holders are small.

Users mentioned another two negative aspects, although they might not be generally valid: the front tray is difficult to pull off and sometimes user’s feet can hit the stroller as the handle is not adjustable.

Regarding the maintenance you need to know that the seat covers are not machine washable.

If you intend of looking for another one, not very expensive but not too cheap, we recommend you Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller that can be bought from Amazon.com for only $269.98. This is one of the few strollers on the market that takes 2 infant car seats being the perfect option for twins. It is a little lighter than the Joovy, zippered basket is accessible even when seat is fully reclined, the handle is adjustable and has all the security features that the first one has. The front seat doesn’t recline more than a few inches because of the arm bar in the back seat but back one will recline to lay completely flat. The downside is that the canopy might seem a little flimsy and that the back seat has no cup holder. Other than that, it is absolutely perfect.

A cheaper tandem stroller, but still high quality is the Kolcraft Contours Options Tandem II Stroller, which can be bought for $195.54. This one also can be used for baby twins and more, you can set the chairs in different positions. Before you purchase this item first make sure your baby’s weight/height is suitable for it. A final mention: note that this stroller is very big and bulky, almost 56″ long.

Summer Infant Day & Night Handheld Color Video Monitor 1.8″ Screen

The most important thing a parents are interested in is to keep an eye on their baby and in the same time to be able to do some other things even if they are not in the same room. Quiet Sounds handheld video monitor from Summer Infant is a convenient and portable device which offers you the possibility to both see and hear your baby while doing some other activities. This gear is perfect for  nap-time, bed-time or play-time, the Quiet Sounds is recommended for its clear viewing with a full color picture, as well as night-vision options.

This precious item is easy to put together and as well as operating it. It uses two-channel Quiet Sounds which installs itself in a few minutes without any tools, so you can take advantage of its characteristics: wireless video and audio monitoring. Durable and lightweight, the monitor can be attached to the included belt clip or you can place it on a flat surface (the stand is included). In addition to these accessories you will be given a mounting hardware to be able to fix it to a wall.

After the installation is done the 900 MHz camera captures clear pictures and sounds and transmits them to the video monitor within a range up to 350 feet (clear line of sight) and 100 feet (obstructed). You will also have to possibility to attach up to two more cameras in order to monitor some other areas; the other cameras are not included.

Using the latest FM band technology to provide crystal clear reception, the handheld monitor is easy to read, 1.8-inch, high resolution, full color LCD display and LED sound lights. While talking about light, this baby monitor offers a unique night vision feature which allows parents to check up on their sleeping baby without disturbing their sleep- it has nine built-in infrared LEDs that permit the camera to view clear black and white images within a distance of up to six feet in total darkness. The good aspect of this feature is that it has an option to cut down the video and use only the audio monitoring. This way every little noise is reported to the parents in other rooms. This monitor uses rechargeable batteries that last up to 10 hours.

You can purchase this item with only $120.98 from Amazon.com and also get free shipping.


This product has a lot of benefits when you don’t have extra help in taking care of your baby. There are many reasons why this device is stated to be one of the best baby monitors out on the market. Setting it up is very easy and even when you need to travel you will not have problems with setting it again and again.

Using the item is very easy and the most important thing is that the reception is great even if your house is substantially large. In this case there are some other benefits: even if you have other wireless gadgets or home equipment, you will not face interference problems. Additionally important to note is that you can use this video monitor in combination with other monitors for SIDS prevention.

The batteries are included and they are made to last longer, when you need to change them, check with the instruction and you will find all the information needed. A convenient aspect is that the screen turns off after a few seconds to save battery.

Due to its night vision option you will be able to see everything, even if the pictures are only black and white. The sound quality, both in light and dark, is very good, you can even hear the baby breathing or other so it help your overall peace of mind. There is a very helpful option too: the clarity and the volume control.

The extra features that make the difference are the most useful ones. The dual channel is great in monitoring two rooms, so you can switch from one child to another. The clip is handy, especially when you have your hands full.


Of course, there are some negative opinions also, as for any other product or device on the market. Even if the devices are stated to be all the same, there can be technical issues for some of them, but this does not mean that all the items have that certain problem. That is why the providers include in their policies the returning/ refund.

Some parents had problems with broadcasting: their baby’s image could be seen by anyone who used an item like this in that specific area. Also interference was an issue even if it uses 900MHz and not 2.4 GHz, especially designed like this, considering this problem. Static was stated by some parents, as well.

Other than that, there are no other technical complains, just minor, such as: the brightness of the picture, the noise of the monitor and its flickering after a while of usage and volume problems .

An unpleasant aspect that many parents stated is the fact that the camera has no moving or zooming options.

If you are not convinced in getting this item, you can have for $96.53 the Angelcare Baby Movement and Sound Monitor which has some advantages over the first one: it offers SIDS monitoring, it has a pendulum that swings to show that it’s detecting movement, the temperature can be detected by its included thermometer which can help you in knowing how to dress the baby for bed or going out. More parents stated the fact that they didn’t have problems with frequency and broadcasting. The nightlight is an added bonus that allows you to nurse without waking everybody up. But, a negative aspect about this one is that you need to turn off both the nursery unit and parent unit when you remove the baby from the room to prevent the alarm from sounding on both units and if you forget to do this and the movement sensor pad does not detect movement for 20 seconds, an audible alarm is activated on both the nursery unit and the parent unit. You can understand from here the unpleasant situation.

On the other hand if you think these items are still too pricy for you, get an audio-only one, such as: Sony 900 MHz BabyCall Nursery Monitor with Receivers for only $58.54 on Amazon.com. It has 3 channels, is stated to be a wide range device, has two parent units and also can help you save money as it does not run only on batteries. And most of all, it is very sturdy and fall-resistant. But, considering the lower price is also good to know that it has some issues too: even if it has a power cord you need to always remember to unplug it in order for the batteries to run, sometimes can get annoying due to the out-of-range alarm and sometimes it even shuts off without warning.

You need to know that there are various items on the market to choose from, it only depends on how much you want to spend on one.

Boon Flair Pneumatic Pedestal Highchair

Using a revolutionary system, Pedestal Highchair with Pneumatic Lift Flair combines innovative features with a unique modern style. It can come in three colors: blue/white, pink/white and orange/white. Its unique shape given by the pedestal base makes Flair one of the most sturdy and solid high chairs on the market. Due to this feature it is also very easy to clean and slides smoothly under tables. With a maximum weight limit of 50lbs. this innovative chair glides in any direction thanks to its six urethane casters that will be perfect for your wooden floors. They also feature a hands-free braking system that easily locks the chair in place. Thanks to its design and features it fits perfectly under tables.

Very comfortable for your baby, this high chair is equipped with an adjustable-position, compact tray and continuous height positioning, and offers top-quality safety features including a five-point harness and restraining post. Its chemical-resistant, waterproof pad provides a soft cushion and can be easily removed for cleaning.

Maintenance will not be a problem as this seamless seat has no cracks or crevices.

It is true is an expensive high chair, $175.41 on Amazon.com, but with all its features and advantages we recommend it to you as it will worth every penny.


Flair_731_Child3Qtr02It is very important for you to know the main advantages and disadvantages of using such type of high chair. While it’s not very popular among high chairs, you are probably interested in both pros and cons.

The instructions and assembly will not cause you any problems. They are as clear as possible and you only have to put together three main parts. After that, you will have the fashionable chair in your dining room. The colors are very appreciated by all users and more, the design suits both kitchen and living rooms/ dining rooms.

All parents are satisfied with Fairs’ overall appearance: it is very sturdy, and you won’t have any concern about your children tipping it over, mostly due to the pedestal base. The base makes it very stable. Talking about the base, everybody admits that it has no consequences on your floor, be it even hardwood floors.

Very comfortable, not only for the baby, but for parents too: the pneumatic lift is more fun to use, the waterproof seat pad (a closed-cell-type foam cushion of the type seen on some boats) is another convenient aspect for both of you. Parents who own it are not concerned about their baby’s safety thanks to the harness. This one also, is removable for cleaning, which becomes much more easy, comparing to traditional high chairs.

Parents highly appreciate the fact that there are no crevices or corners to trap food in and the tray liners included, maybe because the trays is not dishwasher safe.

Even if it doesn’t fold it doesn’t take much space, as it can be smoothly glided under table and this way never get in anybody’s way.


Not many people who purchased this chair are unsatisfied by its features/appearances. But, in some cases parents note some downsides. Here are the most common ones:

The most unpleasant problem is related to the wheels. The brakes don’t work very well as the wheels seem not to stop rolling on tile or hardwood.

In few cases baby’s security was doubted: the straps were claimed to be too easy to get out of and sometimes easy twistable. And his comfort as well: the seat is not as padded as some other brands, and it doesn’t recline.

The last issue mentioned concerns tray’s and tray liners’ maintenance: tray liners do not cover all tray’s surface, so you still have to wash the tray by hand- because, unlike the liners, the tray is not dishwasher safe.

If the above mentioned pros and cons, didn’t make you take the decision, here is another option you can go for: Graco Blossom Highchair. With only $165.21 you can purchase it via Amazon.com and get Free Super Saving Shipping. This chair has about the same dimensions of the previous one but, comparing to it, this one reclines and has 3 positions.

This high chair features a 4-in-1 modular seating system that will adjust to your growing child needs. You can use it for your baby and there is another option to use it for a toddler. But, beware there is no place for the booster so you have to put it in storage until you are ready to use it. Most parents confirm that this Graco is very handy as it offers you the possibility to remove the seat and convert to a high chair that can be strapped to a regular chair when at a restaurant or elsewhere.

This highchair will also protect your baby as the other one, as well as your floor.

Comparing to the previous one, this Graco has a removable dishwasher-safe tray and pull-out insert for hassle-free clean ups. The tray can also be adjusted for 3 distances. The foot rest adjusts to 3 positions.

Like the Flair, Graco doesn’t fold up either and it is also considered to be heavy if you need to carry it around.