Boon Flair Pneumatic Pedestal Highchair

Using a revolutionary system, Pedestal Highchair with Pneumatic Lift Flair combines innovative features with a unique modern style. It can come in three colors: blue/white, pink/white and orange/white. Its unique shape given by the pedestal base makes Flair one of the most sturdy and solid high chairs on the market. Due to this feature it is also very easy to clean and slides smoothly under tables. With a maximum weight limit of 50lbs. this innovative chair glides in any direction thanks to its six urethane casters that will be perfect for your wooden floors. They also feature a hands-free braking system that easily locks the chair in place. Thanks to its design and features it fits perfectly under tables.

Very comfortable for your baby, this high chair is equipped with an adjustable-position, compact tray and continuous height positioning, and offers top-quality safety features including a five-point harness and restraining post. Its chemical-resistant, waterproof pad provides a soft cushion and can be easily removed for cleaning.

Maintenance will not be a problem as this seamless seat has no cracks or crevices.

It is true is an expensive high chair, $175.41 on, but with all its features and advantages we recommend it to you as it will worth every penny.


Flair_731_Child3Qtr02It is very important for you to know the main advantages and disadvantages of using such type of high chair. While it’s not very popular among high chairs, you are probably interested in both pros and cons.

The instructions and assembly will not cause you any problems. They are as clear as possible and you only have to put together three main parts. After that, you will have the fashionable chair in your dining room. The colors are very appreciated by all users and more, the design suits both kitchen and living rooms/ dining rooms.

All parents are satisfied with Fairs’ overall appearance: it is very sturdy, and you won’t have any concern about your children tipping it over, mostly due to the pedestal base. The base makes it very stable. Talking about the base, everybody admits that it has no consequences on your floor, be it even hardwood floors.

Very comfortable, not only for the baby, but for parents too: the pneumatic lift is more fun to use, the waterproof seat pad (a closed-cell-type foam cushion of the type seen on some boats) is another convenient aspect for both of you. Parents who own it are not concerned about their baby’s safety thanks to the harness. This one also, is removable for cleaning, which becomes much more easy, comparing to traditional high chairs.

Parents highly appreciate the fact that there are no crevices or corners to trap food in and the tray liners included, maybe because the trays is not dishwasher safe.

Even if it doesn’t fold it doesn’t take much space, as it can be smoothly glided under table and this way never get in anybody’s way.


Not many people who purchased this chair are unsatisfied by its features/appearances. But, in some cases parents note some downsides. Here are the most common ones:

The most unpleasant problem is related to the wheels. The brakes don’t work very well as the wheels seem not to stop rolling on tile or hardwood.

In few cases baby’s security was doubted: the straps were claimed to be too easy to get out of and sometimes easy twistable. And his comfort as well: the seat is not as padded as some other brands, and it doesn’t recline.

The last issue mentioned concerns tray’s and tray liners’ maintenance: tray liners do not cover all tray’s surface, so you still have to wash the tray by hand- because, unlike the liners, the tray is not dishwasher safe.

If the above mentioned pros and cons, didn’t make you take the decision, here is another option you can go for: Graco Blossom Highchair. With only $165.21 you can purchase it via and get Free Super Saving Shipping. This chair has about the same dimensions of the previous one but, comparing to it, this one reclines and has 3 positions.

This high chair features a 4-in-1 modular seating system that will adjust to your growing child needs. You can use it for your baby and there is another option to use it for a toddler. But, beware there is no place for the booster so you have to put it in storage until you are ready to use it. Most parents confirm that this Graco is very handy as it offers you the possibility to remove the seat and convert to a high chair that can be strapped to a regular chair when at a restaurant or elsewhere.

This highchair will also protect your baby as the other one, as well as your floor.

Comparing to the previous one, this Graco has a removable dishwasher-safe tray and pull-out insert for hassle-free clean ups. The tray can also be adjusted for 3 distances. The foot rest adjusts to 3 positions.

Like the Flair, Graco doesn’t fold up either and it is also considered to be heavy if you need to carry it around.

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