Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stand On Tandem Stroller

With only $229.98 and a free shipping you can get from the most lightweight stroller around. The new Ultralight Caboose is 20% lighter than the original Caboose, only 21 pounds- this is its main advantage as every two-children-parent knows.

JoovyEasy steering and light weight offer you the possibility to maneuver it with only one hand, even if it seems so large. The front seat can be adjusted into three reclining positions for the front riding passenger. With the front seat reclined to its lowest position, the back passenger can still stand on the rear platform- this way both of your children will feel comfortable. The front seat has three positions for reclining. Your older child, the back passenger has three options: walking, standing and sitting. For your front passenger there is a universal Car Seat Adapter that snaps easily into the tray housings.

Your children’s security is ensured by the rear brakes for when the stroller is parked. Unlike other strollers or even jogger stroller, this Joovy sit and stand stroller has wheel suspension for all four of them making the walk smoother for your back seat passenger. The oversized canopy has been improved with a sun visor extension which provides shade and protection for both children.

Regarding its other features this new Caboose has a larger storage basket. The Ultralight Caboose has the Parent Organizer which turns out to be the best feature for parents. More the child tray has two cup holders for your children convenience.

After using it the Caboose Ultralight folds compactly for storage. It uses the easy trigger fold design which makes it even easier for you. As lightweight as it is you will easily lift it up and place it in the trunk.


Most of the opinions for this product are positive. Everybody who uses it is 100% pleased with the purchase. The assembly was a breeze for most parents, even for the short mothers or pregnant women.

Well made, not looking or feeling cheap this Joovy is mostly appreciated for its lightweight. But don’t think it is not solid- the fact that it is not bulky or heavy does not strictly mean that it will tilt back or your babies are in danger. Your children safety is ensured with the adjustable belts and you back passenger can also be secured with a belt when sitting down. Your baby will feel very comfortable as this stroller provides super reclining for him and the shade canopy is great; more, you can take the canopy off when indoors. The older child has plenty of room when seated on the bench while the newborn is in the car seat in the front.

You will have the feeling of pushing a single full size stroller with the convenience of holding two. Steering is a pleasure and it turns on a dime, fitting through anything.

Rooling smoothly to almost type of terrain, indoor or outdoor, you will take advantage of the soft handle grip and the ample storage space: the basket underneath which sometimes can get really hard to get to (but the sides snap open and the back seat slides for better access), the storage area for water bottles, keys or phone is perfectly sized, the side pockets for quick access to some items.

Very stylish coming in different colors, black, blue, green, orange, brown or yellow this new version of Joovy folds in a snap, and opens with one hand. As all the users confirm, is far more compact than many other strollers on the market- to make it even more compact when you fit it in your trunk you have to possibility to take off the canopy and the food tray.


Of course there are many positive aspects about this Joovy, but these ones can be easily observed. What is really important for your decision, is the downside.

The most unpleasant aspect is related to children’s comfort- which is in fact the most important thing, especially for the older one. Starting with the baby in front, users mentioned two problems: the seat does not recline enough for a nap and in some parents opinion it is not well padded. Regarding the older kid, many parents consider his position very uncomfortable especially when baby’s seat is reclined. More, when they both want to take a nap it is not possible as the older one has nothing to lean back on. There were encountered problems with his seat sliding back and forth for unknown reasons.

Regarding its functionality, you must know that some persons complained about not being able to attach the car seat with just a snap, as said in the description. The brakes for the back wheels take some effort and for the front wheels you have to lock each of them for not turning left or right.

Even if it has so many features, as mentioned in the “pros” section, some of them might be hard to take advantage of them: the storage basket is very large and useful but not easily accessible, especially when the toddler seat is in its “stand” position, the accessory attachment with cup holders is not very roomy and the cup holders are small.

Users mentioned another two negative aspects, although they might not be generally valid: the front tray is difficult to pull off and sometimes user’s feet can hit the stroller as the handle is not adjustable.

Regarding the maintenance you need to know that the seat covers are not machine washable.

If you intend of looking for another one, not very expensive but not too cheap, we recommend you Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller that can be bought from for only $269.98. This is one of the few strollers on the market that takes 2 infant car seats being the perfect option for twins. It is a little lighter than the Joovy, zippered basket is accessible even when seat is fully reclined, the handle is adjustable and has all the security features that the first one has. The front seat doesn’t recline more than a few inches because of the arm bar in the back seat but back one will recline to lay completely flat. The downside is that the canopy might seem a little flimsy and that the back seat has no cup holder. Other than that, it is absolutely perfect.

A cheaper tandem stroller, but still high quality is the Kolcraft Contours Options Tandem II Stroller, which can be bought for $195.54. This one also can be used for baby twins and more, you can set the chairs in different positions. Before you purchase this item first make sure your baby’s weight/height is suitable for it. A final mention: note that this stroller is very big and bulky, almost 56″ long.

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