Summer Infant Day & Night Handheld Color Video Monitor 1.8″ Screen

The most important thing a parents are interested in is to keep an eye on their baby and in the same time to be able to do some other things even if they are not in the same room. Quiet Sounds handheld video monitor from Summer Infant is a convenient and portable device which offers you the possibility to both see and hear your baby while doing some other activities. This gear is perfect for  nap-time, bed-time or play-time, the Quiet Sounds is recommended for its clear viewing with a full color picture, as well as night-vision options.

This precious item is easy to put together and as well as operating it. It uses two-channel Quiet Sounds which installs itself in a few minutes without any tools, so you can take advantage of its characteristics: wireless video and audio monitoring. Durable and lightweight, the monitor can be attached to the included belt clip or you can place it on a flat surface (the stand is included). In addition to these accessories you will be given a mounting hardware to be able to fix it to a wall.

After the installation is done the 900 MHz camera captures clear pictures and sounds and transmits them to the video monitor within a range up to 350 feet (clear line of sight) and 100 feet (obstructed). You will also have to possibility to attach up to two more cameras in order to monitor some other areas; the other cameras are not included.

Using the latest FM band technology to provide crystal clear reception, the handheld monitor is easy to read, 1.8-inch, high resolution, full color LCD display and LED sound lights. While talking about light, this baby monitor offers a unique night vision feature which allows parents to check up on their sleeping baby without disturbing their sleep- it has nine built-in infrared LEDs that permit the camera to view clear black and white images within a distance of up to six feet in total darkness. The good aspect of this feature is that it has an option to cut down the video and use only the audio monitoring. This way every little noise is reported to the parents in other rooms. This monitor uses rechargeable batteries that last up to 10 hours.

You can purchase this item with only $120.98 from and also get free shipping.


This product has a lot of benefits when you don’t have extra help in taking care of your baby. There are many reasons why this device is stated to be one of the best baby monitors out on the market. Setting it up is very easy and even when you need to travel you will not have problems with setting it again and again.

Using the item is very easy and the most important thing is that the reception is great even if your house is substantially large. In this case there are some other benefits: even if you have other wireless gadgets or home equipment, you will not face interference problems. Additionally important to note is that you can use this video monitor in combination with other monitors for SIDS prevention.

The batteries are included and they are made to last longer, when you need to change them, check with the instruction and you will find all the information needed. A convenient aspect is that the screen turns off after a few seconds to save battery.

Due to its night vision option you will be able to see everything, even if the pictures are only black and white. The sound quality, both in light and dark, is very good, you can even hear the baby breathing or other so it help your overall peace of mind. There is a very helpful option too: the clarity and the volume control.

The extra features that make the difference are the most useful ones. The dual channel is great in monitoring two rooms, so you can switch from one child to another. The clip is handy, especially when you have your hands full.


Of course, there are some negative opinions also, as for any other product or device on the market. Even if the devices are stated to be all the same, there can be technical issues for some of them, but this does not mean that all the items have that certain problem. That is why the providers include in their policies the returning/ refund.

Some parents had problems with broadcasting: their baby’s image could be seen by anyone who used an item like this in that specific area. Also interference was an issue even if it uses 900MHz and not 2.4 GHz, especially designed like this, considering this problem. Static was stated by some parents, as well.

Other than that, there are no other technical complains, just minor, such as: the brightness of the picture, the noise of the monitor and its flickering after a while of usage and volume problems .

An unpleasant aspect that many parents stated is the fact that the camera has no moving or zooming options.

If you are not convinced in getting this item, you can have for $96.53 the Angelcare Baby Movement and Sound Monitor which has some advantages over the first one: it offers SIDS monitoring, it has a pendulum that swings to show that it’s detecting movement, the temperature can be detected by its included thermometer which can help you in knowing how to dress the baby for bed or going out. More parents stated the fact that they didn’t have problems with frequency and broadcasting. The nightlight is an added bonus that allows you to nurse without waking everybody up. But, a negative aspect about this one is that you need to turn off both the nursery unit and parent unit when you remove the baby from the room to prevent the alarm from sounding on both units and if you forget to do this and the movement sensor pad does not detect movement for 20 seconds, an audible alarm is activated on both the nursery unit and the parent unit. You can understand from here the unpleasant situation.

On the other hand if you think these items are still too pricy for you, get an audio-only one, such as: Sony 900 MHz BabyCall Nursery Monitor with Receivers for only $58.54 on It has 3 channels, is stated to be a wide range device, has two parent units and also can help you save money as it does not run only on batteries. And most of all, it is very sturdy and fall-resistant. But, considering the lower price is also good to know that it has some issues too: even if it has a power cord you need to always remember to unplug it in order for the batteries to run, sometimes can get annoying due to the out-of-range alarm and sometimes it even shuts off without warning.

You need to know that there are various items on the market to choose from, it only depends on how much you want to spend on one.

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